Our Services

YouTube / Social Media Banner / Podcast Cover Art / Profile Picture

We can create a great banner that can be used across your YouTube, Social Media platforms, Etsy shop, profile picture or podcast cover photo.

$40 for 1

$60 for 2

$70 for 3+

Product Rendering

We can create a 3D model of your product for advertising or selling for eCommerce

3D Animation

Bring your video intros to life with 3D animation. We can put your logo into different environments like this, or have the letters/shapes change or interact.

Examples of our work

My name is Steve Plavetzky Jr, owner of Overshot Productions LLC.

I am a part time freelance graphic designer. I am passionate about helping others with my skills and abilities as a graphic designer/3D artist. I use Blender to create the 3D artwork for product rendering, architectural visualization, environment scenes, motion graphics and basic 3D animations. I enjoy keeping my clients in the loop as we design their graphics. I encourage their feedback and input so we can make exactly what YOU are looking for.

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting us. If you are interested in having a logo, banner, product render or animation created, please send me a message! I look forward to hearing from you!